Handmade lip balm

handmade lip balm
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What does Lip Balm Do?
Lip balm offers to your lips what you would normally get from your skin's natural oils like hydration and, therefore, protection. The "butter" layer with which you cover your lips, does two things. It "locks" the moisture and makes it harder for weather conditions to dry your lips.
Many of us tend to scrub our lips when they are dry, but the saliva contains salt, which dries lips even more. A lip balm gives them what they need!
What contains a Lip Balm?
The most important ingredients  that Apeiranthos natural skincare uses in its Lip Balm  is:
• Cocoa butter. Moisturizes lips and adds a creamy texture to the product.
• Shea butter. It prevents the loss of moisture, but also "heals" the chapped lips. It adds to the product a natural sun protection marker.
• Almond oil. Prevents loss of moisture.
• Beeswax. It prevents heat and cold from penetrating the lips as well as keeping the lip balm in solid form.

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